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Re: Trying to make texinfo patch

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: Trying to make texinfo patch
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 09:15:48 +0100

Hello Laura,

Laura Lazzati <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2018.
nov. 6., K, 2:44):
>> I don't know if we currently have a top level Makefile target to build
>> the manual only, but simply make-ing in the source tree rebuilds the
>> manual. I believe that is the simplest
>> way to test changes.
> I tried to explain what I did on IRC. In the end I just git pulled and got 
> the new version of the guix.texi file.
> Ran make again in the source tree - helped me to recall some useful Makefile 
> concepts. And added just the few cindex again, they are not many, but to 
> check that I learned texinfo.
> Then, since in website I had the full html version, ran:
> makeinfo --html --nosplit guix.texi and got a similar html file that looked 
> similar to the original one, nut with the index entries updated.


> And I don't know if I should write this in guix-devel, there is a bug list - 
> it's almost my time to go to bed, but I recall seing it  - where I was 
> mentioning that in site the references to documentation have 
> html_node in their path and they return a 404 not found when clicking them.

You can report that to the bugs list.

> Tomorrow I will try to send the patch.
> I have some questions to ask you:
> 1) I got an Ourteachy reminder about recording my Application form. I guess 
> it was just a reminder, but please let me know if it you got it.

>From here it looks fine.

> 2) I was suggested to have at least for a my foreing distro and guix package 
> manager an aws account, in case something happens to my computer. I don't 
> know if it is accepted by the community.

I am confused, could you please rephrase this question?

> 3) Is it OK if I write daily telling you what I will be doing/ did that day, 
> and what I am learning if the number of contributions don't count that much? 
> Maybe it is more useful that.

Yes a daily report is fine, we found from earlier expericence that a
report at least two times a week is really important in these types of

> Regards!
> Laura
Best regards,

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