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Re: [Cuirass] Missing database indexes?

From: Clément Lassieur
Subject: Re: [Cuirass] Missing database indexes?
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2018 09:10:30 +0100
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Hi Björn,

Björn Höfling <address@hidden> writes:

> We are directly relying on the rowid here, there is no explicit
> id-column.
> This could lead to unpredicted results and reorderings (6th Quirk in
> document):
> We should add a column:
> Problem is that this concept of AUTOINCREMENT does only work for
> Primary Keys in Sqlite. So we need to degrade "derivation" to a
> secondary key, i.e. make it non-null and unique:
> derivation    TEXT NOT NULL UNIQUE,
> Is there anything speaking against that?

We only use that rowid to display a number at the left of every 'build'
row.  I think it would make more sense to use the derivation name where
we currently use the rowid.  It would also be more understandable for
the users.

We don't even need rowid for sorting because we can sort with the

The only issue is that we get further from hydra, but we are already
pretty far away anyway.


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