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(cuirass) Consistent naming and presentation on the front page.

From: swedebugia
Subject: (cuirass) Consistent naming and presentation on the front page.
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:37:48 +0100


I propose we stick to one naming scheme and keep it in both urls and the web-ui.

I propose to completely drop the words "evaluation(s)" and "build(s)" as this is just confusing and implement the following changes:

Look at and see how it looks now.

Name            Inputs
wip-rust        wip-rust (on wip-rust)

Jobsets (for specification: wip-rust)
Jobset ID       Input changes           Success      Status
1321            wip-rust → 4df3e06      4340         active/inactive

Jobs in jobset #1231:
        ID      Specification   Completion time         
(icon)  586752  wip-rust        12 Nov 21:59 +0100

Jobname                         Packagename
rust-1.24.1.x86_64-linux        rust-1.24.1     

System          Log
x86_64-linux    raw

I changed:
Jobs renamed /job/jobname/ and /name/packagename/ and removed "builds of evaluation"
Jobset renamed /#/jobset id/ and removed "evaluations of"

Jobs have status succede/failed/canceled/pending and logs.
Jobsets can be active/inactive
Specifications does not have a status but an input.

Also I would like to propagate the status and links from the jobset-page to the header of the jobs-page (now with the uri /eval/####) below the title like this:

"Browse by jobstatus: # succeded # failed # pending" (with textlinks)


If somebody really want to mention evaluation and build I suggest to describe the whole build-server rationale on the frontpage in a paragraph.

There we could also describe the machines, hardware and status of the whole shabang and a paragraph with thanks to MDC for donating/hosting the hardware to make this possible.

What do you think?

Cheers Swedebugia

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