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Re: (cuirass) Consistent naming and presentation on the front page.

From: Clément Lassieur
Subject: Re: (cuirass) Consistent naming and presentation on the front page.
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2018 10:46:45 +0100
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Hi swedebugia,

swedebugia <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi
> I propose we stick to one naming scheme and keep it in both urls and the
> web-ui.

The reason why they differ is historical: the API comes from hydra
(which uses words such as 'jobset'), and the web UI uses Cuirass' own
vocabulary (evaluations, specifications, builds).

> I propose to completely drop the words "evaluation(s)" and "build(s)" as this
> is just confusing and implement the following changes:

We would need to change all of Cuirass' code too, which is, in my
opinion, too much work.  Plus, Cuirass and Hydra behave differently, so
it makes sense to use another vocabulary for Cuirass.  Changing the API
would be annoying because it's used by several people.  So overall, I
like the status quo.

> Look at and see how it looks now.
> Specifications:
> --------------
> Name          Inputs
> wip-rust      wip-rust (on wip-rust)
> Jobsets (for specification: wip-rust)
> ------------------------------------
> Jobset ID     Input changes           Success      Status
> 1321          wip-rust → 4df3e06      4340         active/inactive
> ...
> Jobs in jobset #1231:
> ----------------------
>       ID      Specification   Completion time         
> (icon)        586752  wip-rust        12 Nov 21:59 +0100
> Jobname                               Packagename
> rust-1.24.1.x86_64-linux      rust-1.24.1     
> System                Log
> x86_64-linux  raw
> ...
> I changed:
> Jobs renamed /job/jobname/ and /name/packagename/ and removed "builds of
> evaluation"

Note that there is no notion of "package" in Cuirass.  Most builds refer
to packages, but some of them, for example, refer to tests.

> Jobset renamed /#/jobset id/ and removed "evaluations of"
> Jobs have status succede/failed/canceled/pending and logs.

> Jobsets can be active/inactive

Yes, and for that we need an admin interface.  But this is off-topic :)
That could be a seperate bug/wishlist though.

> Specifications does not have a status but an input.

I don't understand this.  :-)

> Also I would like to propagate the status and links from the jobset-page to
> the header of the jobs-page (now with the uri /eval/####) below the title like
> this:
> "Browse by jobstatus: # succeded # failed # pending" (with textlinks)

Hmm, I don't think this should be a priority because we can already
browse by jobstatus from the Specifications page.

> Presentation:
> -------------
> If somebody really want to mention evaluation and build I suggest to describe
> the whole build-server rationale on the frontpage in a paragraph.
> There we could also describe the machines, hardware and status of the whole
> shabang and a paragraph with thanks to MDC for donating/hosting the hardware
> to make this possible.
> What do you think?

This is too specific.  What we need is a way to customize the front
page.  That could be another bug/wishlist too.


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