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Re: Adding a section about security in the guix manual

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: Adding a section about security in the guix manual
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 23:33:03 -0800
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Hi Joshua,

Thank you for taking the initiative!  Basically, if you think you can
improve the docs, give it a try, submit a patch to address@hidden,
and we can go from there.

Joshua Branson <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello, I would like to store many of the ideas from this arch wiki page
> about security into the guix manual.

I can only speak for myself - we don't have a section dedicated to
security like this today, so I think it would be nice to add.  I think
introductions to relevant security concepts, explanations and examples
of how to practice good security using Guix/GuixSD, and useful links to
other parts of our documentation would be great.

> Perhaps I would put it right after GNU Distribution > System
> Configuration.  Perhaps I would call that section "Hardening
> Recommendations".

Any name is fine for now; we can change it later if we want.

> Some of the things that I want to include are strong passwords,
> encrypted drives, MAC, kernel hardening (which we currently don't have
> a linux-libre-hardened do we?), sandboxing applications, firewalls,
> and physical security.  I may not be able to complete this project
> swiftly, but I do intend to put it on my TODO list.
> Is there something else I should add or that I am missing?

We already have a few sections that discuss some aspects of security.
Check the manual's index for the word "security".  In an Info reader,
you can do this by pressing "i", or you can just go here in a web

It might be nice to link to those sections and/or reorganize as needed.

Once you have something to review, I'd be happy to take a peek.  I'm
sure others would, also.  Submitting a patch is the first step.


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