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Re: Article: Playing with Guix REPL from scratch

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: Article: Playing with Guix REPL from scratch
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 23:46:42 -0800
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Nice article!  I love seeing how other people hack around on stuff.  It
opens one's mind up to new perspectives and techniques.

FYI, there is an email list specifically for blog post review:
address@hidden  I'm not sure if it's still active, since I can't
find an entry for it on  In the future (assuming it's
still active), you can send your blog post there specifically for

I've used the Guile REPL, but I haven't used the "Guix REPL".  Is it
equivalent to firing up a Guile REPL and importing a bunch of modules,
or does it provide more features than you can get using just the Guile

I can probably answer that question myself by browsing the docs and
looking at the source code, but for a blog post, it might be worth
taking a paragraph to explain how it is similar, and how it is
different, from the usual Guile REPL.  In particular, what does it offer
that I can't get via a usual Guile REPL?

Thank you for sharing the article!


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