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Re: Communication and Design at Guix

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Communication and Design at Guix
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 15:34:39 +0100
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L p R n d n <address@hidden> writes:

>>> What about We can do whatever we want there I suppose and just 
>>> link
>>> to it from the gnu site.
>> Well in general we can always do whatever we want.  :-)  I do think
>> there’s value in presenting GNU manuals in a consistent way, though,
>> especially since Guix’ manual has cross-references to many other
>> manuals.
> That would be nice though. Even if consistency is enjoyable, I think
> the benefits of a nicely shaped and organised documentation easily beat
> what we could get from being consistent with non-Guix manuals. IMHO
> GNU manuals are ok when you know what you're searching for, I find them
> unreadable. + I think they're intimidating for newcomers. :/

It’s fine to deviate from the consistent style.  We do that already for
the style sheet that’s used for our HTML documentation.  Compare this:

with this:

It’s fine to change our style sheet, but let’s stay with Texinfo.


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