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Re: Packaging FreeCAD

From: John Soo
Subject: Re: Packaging FreeCAD
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:38:29 -0800

Hi Paul,

Thank you for saving me the headache!  I’ll keep this posted with progress. 

- John 

> On Jan 14, 2019, at 4:42 AM, Paul Garlick <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi John,
>> I did not know Debian changed their version of opencascade
> There are two versions of OpenCASCADE in Debian, named 'liboce' and
> 'libocct'.  'occt' is the upstream variant, 'oce' is the community
> maintained variant.  Historically, Debian has switched between the two
> as licence requirements dictated.  
> Currently, both are packaged and FreeCAD version 0.17 depends on
> liboce.  However, libocct is being more actively maintained and I
> believe the intention for Debian FreeCAD version 0.18 is for the
> dependency to switch to libocct.
> Best regards,
> Paul.

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