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Re: Shell installer script (feedback)

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Shell installer script (feedback)
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 19:02:58 +0100

Hi again,

> > As a newcomer, I find it lacks an optional installation of default
> > packages in the default profiles.
> > I have in mind: nss-certs, recutils, emacs (or info), glibc-locales.
> I think that’s fine as the purpose of this script is just to get Guix
> itself installed.  For everything past that you can use Guix.

For example, the Debian proposes some flavour, as SSH server, which
desktop, etc. It is optional but it really eases the first experience
and strongly facilitates the access to newcomers. IMHO.

I suggest optional default packages, then it just works for newcomers.
As first experience, they do not need to dive in all the details about
the locales, the certificates, etc.
Something optional with `read -p "Install default packages? (yes/no)" yn'
IMHO if one installs Guix with this script, then they does want an
easy first experience; a "just works" without fighting against
Certificates or Locales to run first experiments.

> > Then, "Run 'info guix' to read the manual." does not work.
> > Because the command info is not installed by default on all the 
> > distributions.
> >
> > And the Guix manual does not seem installed by default. Am I doing wrong?
> This has recently been fixed, but it’s not working in the 0.16.0 release.

Ok, nice !

All the best,

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