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FOSDEM 2019: Thank you!

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: FOSDEM 2019: Thank you!
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2019 07:13:47 +0100
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Thank you everyone for this great FOSDEM with the GNU Guix days: it
was just great to see everyone and all the interactions! I feel much
inspired to try GNU Hurd, new Guix features, the new Guile build
system and even Racket (oops).

A special thank you to the speakers and everyone who helped out!

People came from really far, e.g., Argentina, USA (4x!), Canada,
Israel.  Wonderful to have you with us! Thanks you so much for making
the effort!

Especially I wish to thank Manolis Ragkousis for doing so many of the
preparations and dealing with the ungrateful job of organizing the
programme and chasing speakers.

I wish to thanks Andreas Enge, Efraim Flashner and Chris Marusich:
thank you so much for helping out with the minimalistic languages
devroom! We have run one of the most intense devrooms with so many
back-to-back talks and no pauses.

And finally I wish to thank all the people working on GNU Guix and GNU
Mes. You make it all so interesting :). I feel 2019 is going to be an
exceptional year.

The videos should be coming online in the coming days (see the

If you were a speaker, please click the link that was sent to you to
release the video. Slides can still be uploaded through pentabarf.

For those still heading back: safe travels! And hope to see everyone
next year in health and great spirits!


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