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Re: FOSDEM 2019: Thank you!

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Re: FOSDEM 2019: Thank you!
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2019 08:23:27 -0500
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I'm sorry I missed the Guix days, it seems like it was quite an event!
But all the Guile stuff in the minimalist languages room was great.
Clearly 2018 was a great year for Guile and Guix... I'll place a bet
that 2019 will be just as great or better :)

Pjotr Prins writes:

> Thank you everyone for this great FOSDEM with the GNU Guix days: it
> was just great to see everyone and all the interactions! I feel much
> inspired to try GNU Hurd, new Guix features, the new Guile build
> system and even Racket (oops).
> A special thank you to the speakers and everyone who helped out!
> People came from really far, e.g., Argentina, USA (4x!), Canada,
> Israel.  Wonderful to have you with us! Thanks you so much for making
> the effort!
> Especially I wish to thank Manolis Ragkousis for doing so many of the
> preparations and dealing with the ungrateful job of organizing the
> programme and chasing speakers.
> I wish to thanks Andreas Enge, Efraim Flashner and Chris Marusich:
> thank you so much for helping out with the minimalistic languages
> devroom! We have run one of the most intense devrooms with so many
> back-to-back talks and no pauses.
> And finally I wish to thank all the people working on GNU Guix and GNU
> Mes. You make it all so interesting :). I feel 2019 is going to be an
> exceptional year.
> The videos should be coming online in the coming days (see the
> schedule
> If you were a speaker, please click the link that was sent to you to
> release the video. Slides can still be uploaded through pentabarf.
> For those still heading back: safe travels! And hope to see everyone
> next year in health and great spirits!
> Pj.

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