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Re: New topic: packaging

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: New topic: packaging
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 11:55:34 -0300

was planning to add my point of view a little later, after finishing
my draft of everyday use, which I am also finding that only with
concepts and showing the basic commands lasts three minutes up to now,
and I still have a lot to show/mention.

> Yes, I agree to this outline. One possibility if it turns out to be
> too much for a single video, is to spilt it up.
I agree, it is a LOT for a single video, but don't you think we are
kind of turning the whole documentation into videos? I don't mind
making as many videos as possible, but I am getting that sense.
Specially if a 5 min video is too long. That is why I thought of
packaging an R package, explaining maybe what "each line of the
package" means, and then people can read the documentation to create
their owns. But again, I don't mind. I create the videos that you find
more useful.

> 4. follow up activities:
> creating the patch
> sending the patch
> following it on the issue tracker
> incorporating feedback and resending...
This could be included in the R package video.

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