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Re: New topic: packaging

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: New topic: packaging
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:02:26 +0100

"Björn Höfling" <address@hidden> skrev: (13 februari 2019 10:13:22 CET)
On Mon, 11 Feb 2019 11:38:21 -0300
Laura Lazzati <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Guix again!

Another topic is about showing how to package.

Gábor suggested maybe using my experience about creating a new R

My idea is to show how to look for a package that is not packaged,
package it and the workflow for testing it with git am and send it to
the patches list. WDTY?

Aggreed on R: There is the importer to show, and R-packages are usually
easy to go.

We have the rough idea of steps to take in the manual. Point people to
the right chapter here.

Then it would involve the whole things:

* git clone ...
* go into guix directory
* Enter the environment:
guix environment guix
--> Explain what happens here and what's so cool about it.
* ./bootstrap
* ./configure --localstatedir=/var
* make
* Then the import begins:
* ./pre-inst-env guix import ...
* [hack file, using emacs, maybe ./pre-inst guix edit new-package]
* ./pre-iinst-env guix build new-package
* Check:
./pre-inst-env guix lint new-package
* Finally:
Commit, take care of the correct commit messsages
* git format-patch and maybe git send-email

This is a lot for even a simple R package but I don't see how/where we
could leave out steps without confusing people.



Am I late to the party?

Here is my two cents.

I suggest splitting this in multiple videos.
Split after make is finished.

I agree it is hard to cover less than this if we want to nudge people into contributing new packages and guide them the whole way.

If you decide to go with
./pre-inst guix edit new-package
then I suggest we fool proof it by prepending EDITOR=emacs

Given this I suggest the video starting after make also include setting up emacs. This might even warrant its own short video. So we end up with 3!

Generally I think shorter videos to the point are preferred over long ones bundling multiple things.

Maybe we should cut it also after successful build and test and make the comitting a separate video. That gives us 4 in total 😃
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