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Re: New topic: asking for help

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: New topic: asking for help
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:37:04 -0300

> > * First entry maybe is the homepage as such.
Guix site?
> > * Then show the documentation [or: are we here already assuming that
> > someone found that?].
We are adding in every video the link to the full documentation in the
last slide.
> > * Then mailing list (dev/help).
> > * IRC channel is also quite a help, I would mention that too.
> > * There is the debbugs bug tracker
> > ( where you could
> > search for problems. It is maybe not the most obvious interface and
> > explaining it a bit would be nice.
uhm but isn't the idea of the video "hi, I'm new, I am trying to use
GNU Guix, how can I ask for help?" That was what I had in mind, or at
least what I understood. Maybe if there is enough time, we can add it,
but I feel it is kind of advanced for the video.
> >
> This ordering looks fine to me.
> I would add some emphasis to finding the
> documentation and the contact page on the website, but that might be obvious.
I agree with this, we can show a screenshot of that part of the site :)

> I would spilt up showing documentation, and first refer to the
> location with the other videos,
> then to the manual, the rationale being is that someone who is already
> watching a documentation
> video might be more interested in documentation videos in the first place.
I mentioned that the videos show at the end a slide with the link for
the documentation, but does not harm adding it again.
> I guess I would skip the dev list here
OK, just help. is it fine taking snapshots?
> I also believe that the IRC channel is quite important. On thing to
> consider here is to mention the
> things related to nickname registration and logging in.
Here we need to show like in cli sessions or just explain it?
> We might also propose the mumi as the primary issue tracking
> interface, and mention debbugs in
> case more advanced stuff is needed. No strong opinion here.
Already mentioned my idea about debbugs. Don't know what mumi is :/

Regards :)

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