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Re: Packaging FreeCAD

From: Paul Garlick
Subject: Re: Packaging FreeCAD
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2019 17:20:49 +0000

Hi John,

> I have been getting a little stuck building the pyside2 dependencies

There has been an effort to package pyside2 for Debian.  This has been
completed in the last six months. 

A good place to look for information is

You can browse the source code and follow the links to the 'debian'
directory, which contains the files that govern the packaging process. 
In general for Debian packages, the 'rules' file is worth reading and
the 'patches' directory has the changes to the upstream code.  

One element that could be important in Guix is an update of patchelf to
a recent commit (see 'update-patchelf.patch' in the patches directory).

Best regards,


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