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Re: Packaging FreeCAD

From: John Soo
Subject: Re: Packaging FreeCAD
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2019 10:33:23 -0800

Thanks so much Paul! This is really helpful!

> On Feb 15, 2019, at 9:20 AM, Paul Garlick <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi John,
>> I have been getting a little stuck building the pyside2 dependencies
> There has been an effort to package pyside2 for Debian.  This has been
> completed in the last six months. 
> A good place to look for information is 
> You can browse the source code and follow the links to the 'debian'
> directory, which contains the files that govern the packaging process. 
> In general for Debian packages, the 'rules' file is worth reading and
> the 'patches' directory has the changes to the upstream code.  
> One element that could be important in Guix is an update of patchelf to
> a recent commit (see 'update-patchelf.patch' in the patches directory).
> Best regards,
> Paul.

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