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Re: Improve package search

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Improve package search
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 00:09:59 +0100


Pierre Neidhardt wrote:
Absolutely. Adding this to the package record manually is a maintenance nightmare. It's data that can be trivially auto-generated (ls …/{,s}bin, basically), and storing it in-line takes up too much screen and mind space for
my taste.

"Program names" might even be too limited, if not too shortsighted. At the end of the day, programs are not necessarily stored in /bin/. More importantly, users don't necessarily look for programs, they could very well be looking for a

Oh, sure, {,s}bin was just an example. I don't really think there's a package manager that indexes only those two directories. 'T would be silly.

Extending the search with file listings might result in too much noise, so instead we could have a separate command. "guix which" for instance, as

Or ‘guix where’ or guix whatever.

(16 days left for someone to implement ‘guix whatever’.)

suggested Tobias, but since we are not just talking about executables, maybe
"guix filesearch" would be more appropriate.

Well, we can deathmatch about the name and the number of hyphens once it does something. ;-)

I haven't though through the details, but I am under the impression that the file listing could be retrieve with the same mechanism as "guix size", i.e. from the substitute index. I think it would work well on the build farm, without
more complexity than just another entry to the substitute index.

What do you mean by substitute index?

By complexity, I meant: if it would depend on a network connection to the build farm (or elsewhere), at all.

And would this information be provided by a naked ‘guix publish’? I guess that depends on the meaning of ‘substitute index’.

Kind regards,


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