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Re: Guix on a microkernel

From: mikadoZero
Subject: Re: Guix on a microkernel
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2019 11:18:36 -0400
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Pjotr Prins writes:

> ... Being a GNU project we have a stake
> in getting the Hurd to a usable level and get people to start using
> it for daily work. 

I do not understand this.  Could someone elaborate on this "stake"
idea further.

Does Guix give preferential treatment to GNU projects over other free
software projects?

> I attended a talk at FOSDEM this year which gave an overview
> It looks like not a fat lot is needed to make this usable for many
> people. Most free software will actually run on Hurd today.

Thanks for sharing this link.  I will watch that talk.

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