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Re: Video narration

From: Paul Garlick
Subject: Re: Video narration
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2019 16:16:04 +0100

Hi Laura,

I have finished updating the transcripts and I am preparing to do the
recordings tomorrow.

One question about the makefile: am I right in thinking that the
makefile automatically adjusts the duration of each slide according to
the duration of the corresponding audio file?  In other words it would
not matter if I supply audio files that are slightly longer (or
shorter) than your originals?

> Shouldn't the 'guix environment' step be later in the list of steps?
> If I was packaging the aspi package I would do:
> $ guix environment --pure r-aspi
> The environment was set up in the first packaging video. As far as I
> am concerned, the idea is to have a clean guix environment and
> package
> everything there. If you are using a foreign distro then I believe
> that it could not be reproducible if you package it first.
> Please, let the others correct me if I am wrong.

I think that this question has to do with the complexity of the
package.  The aspi example is a simple case that does not have any
dependencies outside the R build system.  For a more complex package
(newPackage, for example) using:

$ guix environment --pure guix
$ guix build newPackage

would fail if newPackage has extra inputs.  Instead, the commands
should be:

$ guix environment --pure newPackage
$ guix build newPackage

I think this would be easy to communicate to new users if steps 1 and 2
are switched on Slide 2 and I add some extra words to the transcript.

Do you (and others) agree?  

Best regards,


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