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guix package --search slow ?

From: zimoun
Subject: guix package --search slow ?
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 19:19:26 +0200


When searching packages with `guix search`, it appears to me slow;
especially compared to `aptitude` of Debian.

Say on my machine:

$ time guix package --search=python-numpy | recsel -p name -
name: python-numpy
name: python-numpy-documentation
name: python-numpydoc
name: python2-numpy-documentation

real    0m11.864s
user    0m1.160s
sys     0m0.212s

$ time aptitude search python-numpy
i A python-numpy                    - Numerical Python adds a fast array facilit
v   python-numpy-abi9               -
v   python-numpy-api10              -
p   python-numpy-dbg                - Fast array facility to the Python language
v   python-numpy-dev                -
p   python-numpy-doc                - NumPy documentation
p   python-numpydoc                 - Sphinx extension to support docstrings in

real    0m3.219s
user    0m0.656s
sys     0m0.088s

I am not sure to exactly understand how the search works.
Basically, a "big" `fold' is done on `%package-module-path' and there
is no caching. Right?

What should be done to improve the search speed?

All the best,

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