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Re: Guix beyond 1.0: let’s have a roadmap!

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Guix beyond 1.0: let’s have a roadmap!
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2019 11:36:43 +0200
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Hi David,

"Thompson, David" <address@hidden> skribis:

> * Extend 'guix environment' to cover use-cases that people currently
> use docker-compose for

Could you clarify a bit what that would mean?

> * Improve UX of 'guix environment' by using sane defaults and
> conventions such as reading from 'guix.scm' file in current directory

Yup!  I haven’t forgotten about your proposal at:

> * Add a small-scale, general-purpose, "serverless" computing
> environment a la AWS Lambda using g-expressions + call-with-container
> + a web server

Is it something akin to ‘remote-eval’ and ‘container-eval’?

> * Improve portable application bundles so that only files needed at
> runtime (no headers, docs, etc.) are included somehow (not sure how to
> do this one)

I guess it boils down to making packages “smaller”, possibly using
multiple outputs and generally paying attention to what ‘guix size’

> * Allow system services to run unprivileged (perhaps via user
> namespaces) so that each user may have their own shepherd instance
> (would be useful for other features, too, such as the first item in
> this list)

Makes sense to me.


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