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From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: BTRFS, LVM, LUKS
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2019 16:28:57 -0300
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On Jun 30, 2019, David Larsson <address@hidden> wrote:

> When using libreboot and GuixSD, I suggest that you have in the libreboot 
> grub:

> cryptomount -a
> configfile /boot/grub.cfg 

Thanks, yeah, that's pretty much how I deal with the distro I currently

> But I suggest that /boot/grub.cfg is a symlink to the /boot in the
> Guix root subvolume.

*nod*, same here.  It has given me some headaches with grub probing and
config rewriting, which from what you write I conclude I may have to
figure out again ;-)

>   - run a Guix substitute server yourself on a more powerful machine (quite 
> easy setup).

The term "substitute server" doesn't sound familiar to me.  From what
you suggest, I guess that's a Guix concept related with offloading
system rebuilds to it, is that so?

> I wish you the best of luck with GuixSD!


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