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Re: Permissions error during libhandy build - looking for tips

From: Jonathan Frederickson
Subject: Re: Permissions error during libhandy build - looking for tips
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2019 17:40:55 -0400

On Sun, 7 Jul 2019 20:47:06 +0200
Jonathan Brielmaier <address@hidden> wrote:
> It tries to install the to the glade package, which
> is forbidden. m4jn72l561mppfh12br1vcrp9x9y812p-glade-3.22.1 is a
> different package, which you can't change during the install process
> of libhandy...

Ahh, yeah, makes sense. I noticed that store path is different than
the one for the glade package in my profile, so I thought Guix might
have extended the glade package somehow... guess not.

> So there are two options from here:
> - bring meson to install to the libhandy package
> - don't intall at all

Is the former the usual method for providing libraries like this? If
I'm interpreting this correctly, meson somehow found the path to the
glade package during the build, and I'd have to figure out how and
override that to ensure ends up in the build tree for
the libhandy package?

Assuming that's the case, am I correct in thinking that Glade (the UI
editor) will then be able to find because it'll be in
my profile?
> 0.0.10 is out, I think we should package this version.

You're right; I started attempting this before 0.0.10 came out, but
whenever I submit the package I'll pull in the latest version.

> I would change this:
> (origin
>        (method url-fetch)
>        (uri (string-append
> "";
>                            version
>                            "/libhandy-"
>                            version
>                            ".tar.gz"))
> to an origin based on git-fetch from a tag. This is usually better in
> terms of reproducibility:
> (source (origin
>               (method git-fetch)
>               (uri (git-reference
>                      (url "";)
>                      (commit version)))
>               (file-name (git-file-name name version))

Ah, I forgot that the parameter to "commit" could also be a tag. I'll
adjust that.

> By the way: Am I right in the assumption that you are interested in
> the Librem 5?

Yup! I saw someone having trouble installing libhandy in one of their
chatrooms, and I was thinking it might be interesting to try and get
some of their software running with Guix. (Who knows, maybe we could
run Guix System on the Librem 5 once it's out!)

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