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Re: Permissions error during libhandy build - looking for tips

From: Jonathan Brielmaier
Subject: Re: Permissions error during libhandy build - looking for tips
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 11:23:13 +0200
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On 7/7/19 11:40 PM, Jonathan Frederickson wrote:>> So there are two
options from here:
>> - bring meson to install to the libhandy package
>> - don't intall at all
> Is the former the usual method for providing libraries like this? If
> I'm interpreting this correctly, meson somehow found the path to the
> glade package during the build, and I'd have to figure out how and
> override that to ensure ends up in the build tree for
> the libhandy package?

Usually in guix libraries also go in the same package and libglade-handy
gives the Glade "editor" libhandy "functionality". Sometimes we split up
packages in different "subpackages", but I don't think it's required
here. Libhandy will end up in the closure of GNOME sooner or later and
Glade is already in there (over libpeas -> totem).

> Assuming that's the case, am I correct in thinking that Glade (the UI
> editor) will then be able to find because it'll be in
> my profile?

Hmm, I'm not sure here, but you could try it :)

>> 0.0.10 is out, I think we should package this version.
> You're right; I started attempting this before 0.0.10 came out, but
> whenever I submit the package I'll pull in the latest version.

Fine :)

>> By the way: Am I right in the assumption that you are interested in
>> the Librem 5?
> Yup! I saw someone having trouble installing libhandy in one of their
> chatrooms, and I was thinking it might be interesting to try and get
> some of their software running with Guix. (Who knows, maybe we could
> run Guix System on the Librem 5 once it's out!)

As I (also) per ordered a Librem 5, I dream as well from running Guix
system on it. Maybe I'll open a tracker bug to track all the things we
need to run Guix on Librem 5 :)

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