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Iceweasel-UXP and Icedove-UXP

From: Guix User
Subject: Iceweasel-UXP and Icedove-UXP
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 15:29:06 +0200

I recently migrated from debian to guixsd. I was shocked to see there was neither iceweasel nor icedove available. This is frustrating as they are commonly used programs on gnu/linux systems. Icecat was found but unfamiliar to most users (myself included).
After a through research, I understood that there are some freedom issues. The available patches at parabola seems complicated. Then I came across the following in the SearX search:
They both are FSDG compliant and has good security+privacy focus. Can someone please package these as soon as possible (I would have done it if I could). Will be very useful for other migrators to guix as well. Please!
New Guix User.

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