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Re: IceWeasel-UXP and IceDove-UXP

From: Jesse Gibbons
Subject: Re: IceWeasel-UXP and IceDove-UXP
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 10:38:38 -0600

On Fri, 19 Jul 2019 23:50:20 +0200
Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> wrote:

> guixuser <address@hidden> writes:
> >> We offer Icecat.  
> >
> > OMG! Please read the bottom portion of my previous email.  
> I did and offered an available alternative.
> Please note that your writing style comes across as needlessly
> aggressive and demanding.  You may find that people are more willing
> to help you if you change that.
> --
> Ricardo

To be fair,
- iceweasel-uxp has a different engine than icecat.
- There is no good email client like thunderbird. I'm stuck with
  claws-mail, and I reallly don't like it. icedove-uxp would be a good
- icedove-uxp and iceweasel-uxp are likely to have similar dependencies
  given they are a part of the hyperbola project. It will probably be
  simple to write a package for iceweasel-uxp and iceape-uxp after
  icedove-uxp is written.

I think I can port icedove-uxp, and guixuser can use my code as a
template for iceweasel. It will help guixuser get comfortable with
porting and fixing packages, which would be important if guixuser is to
remain a guix user.

Guixuser, would you mind if I CC you when I submit the patch?


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