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Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 05:40:57 +0200
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* František Kučera <address@hidden> [2019-10-07 17:14]:
> > Hello Guix!
> > 
> > We, a group of GNU maintainers sharing a vision for a stronger GNU
> > Project, are publishing this statement today:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > We are somewhat abusing the Guix blog here, for lack of a better place,
> > but OTOH the future of GNU is obviously relevant to Guix.  (Ricardo and
> > I started this initiative before Tobias, Maxim, and Marius were
> > on-board.)
> > 
> > This mailing list is maybe not the best place to discuss this in detail
> > but your local GNU maintainers will surely be happy to answer any
> > questions you may have.  :-)
> Hello,
> you speak about „behavior“ in that blog post. But what is more important is
> whether there are any essential, factual differences. What would you do
> differently? What is your program, your goals? Could you declare it clearly
> and honestly? Could you guarantee, that you will be faithful to it for
> decades?

They have no facts. I have and still I am asking them each
individually to provide facts, they have none.

One fact that Ludovic Courtès told me is the abort() joke, so he
thinks that is so important to defame and harass RMS. Ludovic
expressed his concerns to one other person about the Emacs Virgin joke
and something else.

Facts are here:

Ludovic Courtès is punishing RMS for the thoughtcrime. See:

Let us face the fact that it is a hostile attempt of take over of the
GNU project.

They asked in the statement that they want to have GNU project to
which everybody can trust.

While that is absolutely impossible for any type of organization, I
cannot trust those people.

GNU project belongs to RMS. You are in his house.

Thus, me, who is nobody in GNU but free software user, I am asking
those people who are pretending to represent all of the GNU project
and who are defaming and slandering RMS[1] to step down and resign, do
your software hacking somewhere else, you do not deserve funding that
RMS is giving you. Ludovic Courtès, Ricardo Wurmus, Matt Lee, Andreas
Enge, Samuel Thibault, Carlos O'Donell, Andy Wingo, Jordi Gutiérrez
Hermoso, Mark Wielaard, Ian Lance Taylor, Werner Koch, Daiki Ueno,
Christopher Lemmer Webber, Jan Nieuwenhuizen, John Wiegley, Tom
Tromey, Jeff Law, Han-Wen Nienhuys, Joshua Gay, Ian Jackson, Tobias
Geerinckx-Rice, Andrej Shadura, Zack Weinberg, John W. Eaton, RESIGN
and step down from GNU projects, disassociate yourself, find another
house for your excessive and uncrontollable fear of free speech.

Make your "GNG" or "GNU is NOT GNU" system elsewhere. Nobody is
forbidding you.

But please don't by hypocrite!

You are using money of the FSF to destroy GNU project on GNU project
websites! You are using money of the FSF and free software supporters
who are also supporters in the first place of the RMS who is fighting
for human rights to defame and slander RMS.

Please step down, resign, remove yourself from GNU projects, that the
disgrace finds its ends. You don't deserve GNU, make your own project

> Recently I wrote an article about the future of the FSF:
> <>. Please read it and say whether you agree
> with particular items or not.

Your article is totally fine and good and FSF has already those
principles and policies in mind in general all what you have
written. What I cannot yet see is the enforcement of policies.



Facts are here:

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