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OCaml 4.09

From: Brett Gilio
Subject: OCaml 4.09
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 14:48:28 -0600

Hey all,

Short message! I am trying to get our OCaml development system up to
shape, as it is currently lagging some versions behind. I have opened a
wip-ocaml4.09 branch for this work. Here are some of the things that
need work that I have identified.

-- The opam importer needs revised and updated.

-- Basically all of the Jane Street components need reimported and

-- The dune build system probably needs to be able to handle two
   versions of dune without complication.

-- We need to create some unison packages for things like

-- Basically all OCaml dependent packages need to get rebuilt and
   tested, ensuring that test cases are also appropriately handled (some
   are disabled that could easily be enabled.)

-- Get our OCaml development components up to date and working, like
   ocamlformat, merlin, tuareg, the ocaml-lsp system (forked off of

-- Potentially add a Coq subimporter for opam.

-- Be able to have variant compilers for ocaml-flambda (and the upcoming
   ocaml-multicore) switches.

If any of these tasks interest you, I challenge you to help! :). I am
trying my best to do it myself so far, but I am running on a very
limited amount of contribution time these next couple of weeks. This is
an important task, too, for us Formal Methods people in the Guix
community, as a lot of formal methods utilities run on OCaml.

Carry on! Thanks.

Brett M. Gilio
GNU Guix, Contributor | GNU Project, Webmaster
[DFC0 C7F7 9EE6 0CA7 AE55 5E19 6722 43C4 A03F 0EEE]
<address@hidden> <address@hidden>

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