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Re: Presentation BlueHats (french workshop)

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Presentation BlueHats (french workshop)
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 23:07:48 +0100
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Hi zimoun,

zimoun <address@hidden> skribis:

> Attached 2 patches for the repo 'maintenance'.
>  1. Fixing broken links in talks/
>  2. My slides

These had fallen through the holiday cracks, but I’ve finally pushed it!

> This talk was in French with a slot of 5-7 minutes, questions included.  It 
> was
> taken in a full day satellite to Paris Open Source Summit.  The initiative was
> lead by Bastien Guerry from  More information of
> the programme 
> [[][here]].
> The slot was very short and the audience very heterogeneous; especially about
> the day-to-day concerns.  As an engineer working in an institute doing 
> research
> in biology, I have tried to explain what is the Reproducible Science challenge
> in the modern age of data.
> In short, today a scientific result is an experiment producing data *and* a
> numerical processing.  From what I am seeing, the experimental part is more or
> less well described, or let say that people in labs are aware of its 
> importance
> because they have already several decades (even more) of collective learning.
> However, not enough people take care about the numerical processing.  Mainly, 
> in
> my opinion, because we are living a scientific paradigm shift.  From what I am
> seeing, more than often, it is not understood that more scientific value is in
> the numerical process than really in the data itself (or how they are 
> produced).
> Even if I am fully biased because computing is my job and I understand nothing
> about labs.

It’s nice you were able to talk at POSS.  I suppose the audience was not
necessarily familiar with reproducible science, right?

> To guarantee Reproducible Science in the modern age of data, we need to
> guarantee several items, especially:
>  1. Open Articles
>  2. Open Data
>  3. Open Source
>  4. Controlled computing environment (open, too)
> Today, initiatives have been starting, to name some, about 1.
> [[][ReScience journal]]
> or french specific [[][HAL]], 2.
> [[][Zenodo]] and 3.
> [[][Software Heritage]].

Yup!  Not a fan of “open” which I find confusing here, but definitely a
fan of putting all this in perspective!

Thanks for sharing!


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