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1.1.0rc2 available for testing!

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: 1.1.0rc2 available for testing!
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 11:19:52 +0200
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Hello Guix!

I’ve run “make release” from the new ‘version-1.1.0’ branch and uploaded
the result:

Alternately (and preferably), you can get it over IPFS.

  ipfs ls QmeLSpj3bBV5vwieVqYkbarTxmbiiP2iAaaN6rzBPLqqRD
  ipfs get …

If you’ve never used IPFS before, first run:

  guix install go-ipfs
  ipfs init

All the files are signed with my key, also used to sign this message.

Please test things as much as you can, be it the binary installation
tarball on a “foreign” distro or the ISO image.  Once you’ve downloaded,
just follow the same instructions as before (if you want to use
‘’, you’ll have to adjust it to use the right tarball):

If you encounter an issue, please report it to address@hidden,
explaining what you did and what you observed.

Unlike rc1, this includes the i686 installation image and the VM image.
List of changes since RC1:

  $ git log --oneline v1.1.0rc1..v1.1.0rc2
  935ef44b39 (tag: v1.1.0rc2) nls: Update.
  27a1e4fd10 build: Cap build parallelism on i686.
  f4ec5e1a98 gnu: gdm: Don't offer GNOME when it's not in the system profile.
  557e6820a7 installer: Load uvesafb kernel module.
  c635610bc6 tests: Run guided installation tests from an ISO image.
  66b53c2c72 installer: tests: Don't install to a CD/DVD.
  74f01059cb vm: 'system-disk-image' honors #:substitutable? for ISO9660 images.
  abc33218f1 gnu: sdl-pango: Shorten file name of patch.
  17edf577d5 gnu: akonadi: Shorten file name of patch.
  18ffd2f968 gnu: binutils: Shorten file names of MinGW patches.
  0bd7a6bad9 gnu: installer: Fix issue with "Esperanto" locale.
  2281a77a3c gnu: xfce: Fix typo.
  325707fabe services: gnome: Fix ‘gnome’ field name.
  e830c2a8de vm: Transparently compress iso9660 images.
  08b14ab20e maint: 'release' targets runs ./bootstrap for new version string.
  eb0352e5b0 Add missing services/linux.scm to gnu/
  f9adf35595 Update NEWS.
  4fc2132741 gnu: qemu: Skip tests on i686-linux.

If everything goes well, we can publish the release on Tuesday, 14th,
with few or no changes beyond translation updates on the ‘version-1.1.0’

Thanks in advance!  :-)


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