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Re: Internationalization Support for the Guix Data Service Outreachy Pro

From: Daniela Lura
Subject: Re: Internationalization Support for the Guix Data Service Outreachy Project
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 20:50:35 +0200

Hi everyone, :)

I'm following up to give an update on how the "Improve Internationalization Support for Guix Data Service" Outreachy project has been going.
Translated versions of lint checkers and package synopsis and descriptions are now present in the database and they're also available through the Guix Data Service web interface.
They can be accessed in these pages:
Lint Warnings:
Package Synopsis and Descriptions

The addition of locale values has also been reflected in the JSON response for the pages where translations are available.

The availability of translated packages synopsis and descriptions for each locale can be found here:

Here you can find an outline of the project:

Hopefully these changes will make your experience using Guix Data Service better and will help prevent exclusion as much as possible. 
Looking forward to hearing your impressions and suggestions.

Best Regards,


On Sat, 9 May 2020 at 22:27, Daniela Lura <> wrote:
Hello everyone, 

Hope you are doing well during these tough times!

I am Danjela, the intern who will be working on "Internationalization Support for Guix Data Service" Outreachy project mentored by Christopher Baines.

This email is to say ""Hi!" and introduce myself to the Guix community because I haven't been really active on the mailing list.
If any queries about the project arise in the future, you can contact me by cc-ing Christopher or just participate in this thread.
I'm really excited to start working on the project and learn more about Guix and Guile.

Warm regards,


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