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Re: Linux-libre 5.8 and beyond

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Linux-libre 5.8 and beyond
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 20:43:28 -0700

On 2020-08-08, Mark H. Weaver wrote:
> Vagrant Cascadian <> wrote:
>> I saw the 5.8 was out, and gave a quick shot at updating it, but it hung
>> python indefinitely during the deblobbing process.
> I was unable to reproduce this problem.  I simply added version 5.8 in
> the usual way, without changing the deblobbing code at all, and the
> deblobbing process worked correctly on my Thinkpad X200 (x86_64-linux).

Curious. At a quick glance it looks like the same hashes for linux and
the deblob and scripts that I used. I encountered the issue both on a
pinebook pro (aarch64) and a ~6 year old i5 (x86_64) laptop, which I
figured were different enough that it was a problem in the code...

> I pushed commit cb97d076491495aa956dbff93679a51cc5708010 to 'master',
> which adds the linux-libre@5.8 source and headers packages.  You should
> be able to build the deblobbed and patched source with the following
> command:
>   guix build -S -e '(@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.8-source)'
> Does it work for you?  If so, how does it differ from what you tried
> before?

Will try to test again sometime in the coming days.

live well,

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