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Re: [OUTREACHY] toward a proposal?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: [OUTREACHY] toward a proposal?
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 17:45:15 +0200

Thank you for explaining.

On Wed, 16 Sep 2020 at 17:23, Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:

> >> > The proposal is to implement the same result hiding all the plumbing
> >> > details, i.e.,
> >> >
> >> >   guix git log --oneline | grep msmtp

> On the Outreachy website you need to get an account in order to request
> to become a (co-)mentor.  The “community managers” (I think this
> includes me) then approve that.

Do you think the proposal is a good one for an Outreachy project?

> At this point you can write the proposal on the Outreachy website.  This
> will again need to be approved in the end.  We need to have a written
> proposal in the Outreachy system before the next round begins.
> Outreachy is a bit stricter in that regard than GSoC where it’s
> sufficient to have a vague project idea on some website.  This is
> generally a good thing, because it facilitates more successful projects
> with fewer sub-projects that nobody ever thought through (which is a bad
> thing to discover one third into the internship).

Is this again approvement done by the "community managers" or by another board?


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