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Contribute to the translation of the user manual

From: Hubert Lombard
Subject: Contribute to the translation of the user manual
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 22:03:28 +0200

Hi Guix !

As a very basic end user of the Free Software, for more than 2 years, I have 
been using Guix System with pleasure. Also, it really helps me.

I would like to help with the translation.

The manual is translated my native language (french), however I noticed that 
some passages are left in English.

(isolated phrases in parts 3 and 4).

I also found other concerned sentences in a few pages.

Could I try to help with this? 

Having never participated in the life of a free software, it would be a great 
pleasure for me to be able to contribute to Guix as a translator of the 
manual... and maybe later for other things... Complete noob in the matter, I 
have never used .po files, but I guess it's not difficult :-)

The FSF has confirmed receipt of the document, all I'll have to do is send an 
email to the coordinator to indicate which documents I would like to translate. 

The last/current step about the mailing list: "Confirmed requests for Traduc 
and Traduc-po subscriptions."

Thanks in advance for your answer

Good continuation, this project is becoming a practical reality and the 
childhurds seem great.

Kind regards


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