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Re: Contribute to the translation of the user manual

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Contribute to the translation of the user manual
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 16:13:57 -0400
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Le 27 septembre 2020 16:03:28 GMT-04:00, Hubert Lombard 
<> a écrit :
>Hi Guix !

Hi Hubert!

>As a very basic end user of the Free Software, for more than 2 years, I
>have been using Guix System with pleasure. Also, it really helps me.
>I would like to help with the translation.
>The manual is translated my native language (french), however I noticed
>that some passages are left in English.

I'm the main translator for the French language, and I'm glad you're willing to 

>(isolated phrases in parts 3 and 4).
>I also found other concerned sentences in a few pages.
>Could I try to help with this? 
>Having never participated in the life of a free software, it would be a
>great pleasure for me to be able to contribute to Guix as a translator
>of the manual... and maybe later for other things... Complete noob in
>the matter, I have never used .po files, but I guess it's not difficult
>The FSF has confirmed receipt of the document, all I'll have to do is
>send an email to the coordinator to indicate which documents I would
>like to translate. (From

There's no need to give your copyright to the FSF to contribute to the 
translation of Guix. Individual contributors keep their copyright.

There is an issue with the current po files though, as they don't list the 
correct license. They are currently under "the same license as the guix 
package" (gpl3+), but it should be "the same license as the guix manual" 
(gfdl). As long as you agree to this change, I can let you contribute :)

I see that I'm not specifically assigned to the cranslation of the manual, so 
as long as you accept the above-mentionned change you can simply use the robot 
at the TP.

Note that we are planning to move to a weblate instance soonish, but we're 
still using the TP for now.

>The last/current step about the mailing list: "Confirmed requests for
>Traduc and Traduc-po subscriptions."
>Thanks in advance for your answer
>Good continuation, this project is becoming a practical reality and the
>childhurds seem great.
>Kind regards

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