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Re: Hello from new Outreachy applicant

From: Lulu
Subject: Re: Hello from new Outreachy applicant
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2020 06:40:00 +0300 (TRT)

Hi Simon,

> Have you already tried GNU Guix?  The package manager on foreign
> distro?  The full Guix System?
> If yes, are you comfortable with?  Feedback is very welcome. :-)

I tried Guix on a foreign distro but ran into some problems with
SELinux and locales. Do you recommend using GuixSD on a virtual
machine, or do you think a foreign installation would be easier for
development? I reckon a setup for internal development wouldn't be
the same as a setup for the end-user. I think I might need to work
directly from the trunk, so maybe I need to get familiar with
`guix environment' for testing? I'd appreciate some tips on this.

> Well, last but not least, what topic you may be interested in to work on?

I decided on the task to add a `guix git log' subcommand, out of the
two tasks on the Outreachy page. :-) [1]

Aside from that, can you tell me more about how this mentorship
process works? Is there a regular schedule with meetings or progress
reports or such?



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