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Re: [Outreachy] Internship ending

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: [Outreachy] Internship ending
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 15:05:46 +0100
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Hi Magali,

Magali Lemes <> skribis:

> My Outreachy internship officially ends on March 2nd, next
> Tuesday. It's been wonderful contributing to Guix, and I have learned
> quite a lot in these last three months. This community is truly
> welcoming, and the project is amazing.
> Having said that, I would like to inform that you can see what I
> worked on on the 'wip-guix-log' branch and also on my Gitlab
> repository <>. Invoking './pre-inst-env
> guix git log --help' from there should tell you all the options and
> what they do. In a previous email, I detailed the features as well: 
> <>. Any
> review and/or feedback is appreciated :D

Thank you, it was nice to have you on board!  Hopefully together with
Simon, Gábor (and maybe you!) we can review your work to integrate it
soonish.  There’s demand for this tool!

I hope it’s been a useful and pleasant experience and that it will allow
you to contribute to Guix or other free software projects in the future.
I think you’ve demonstrated the technical and social skills to be
successful at that.

Good luck with your future endeavors!


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