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Re: Release on April 18th?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Release on April 18th?
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2021 10:41:34 +0100

Hi Leo,

On Wed, 03 Mar 2021 at 13:51, Leo Famulari <> wrote:

> * Fix #46871 (problems with init scripts and

I think it is (almost) done, see <>.

> * Update tzdata

“guix refresh tzdata -l” provides couple of dependants.  Is it
reasonable to update it for the next release?

> * Ungraft

I am not following closely, sorry if I miss something.  The ’ungrafting’
branch had been merged to ’staging’ right?  And what is the state of

>From my point of view, the whole “ungrafting” process is unclear on two
sides: 1. how to effectively ungraft a package?  i.e., what are the
typical steps? and 2. what is the list of packages to ungraft?

About the #1, there are some commits, for example
a210c0d13752c38a850746fd97948121046a0e58, which could help to understand
how to do.  But grepping in the Git log with ’graft’ returns only a
couple of examples.

About the #2, because the feedback loop with ci.guix is slow and because
most of the (unnecessary) grafted packages look like more annoyance than
really unusuable packages, and for me, because it is not clear where I
have to look: master, staging, core-updates or ungrafting, then all in
all laziness applies. :-) Personally, I am saying to myself: let
investigate tomorrow, and then other stuff happens this very tomorrow,
so I never investigate at the end.

Well, I propose to first collect a list about packages that “we” would
like «ungrafted» for the next release.  This makes a concrete criteria
to decide if it releasable or not yet; as “we” do for blocking bugs.


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