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Re: GNOME 3.34 in GNU Guix and security

From: Raghav Gururajan
Subject: Re: GNOME 3.34 in GNU Guix and security
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 03:23:00 -0500

Hi Ricardo!

I don’t know if anyone is working on it right now, though.  I was told
months ago that Raghav Gururajan was working on GNOME upgrades as part
of the wip-desktop branch, but my occasional questions for a status
upgrade have gone unanswered.  Raghav, please correct me if I’m
mistaken.  It would be good to clarify what is and isn’t the scope of

wip-desktop consists of some upgrades, plus, lot of improvements to gnome packages and it's immediate dependencies. About 50% of them not merged directly in master. When Danny and I, were merging other 50% to core-updates, core-updates were broken. So we tried to merge few commits in master, which got reverted due to high re-builds. I was told by Danny that we can only merge stuff when c-u is back to normal.

Since huge time has passed, we need to re-work some commits with rebasing from master. This gonna require testing via huge re-builds. Danny is working on setting-up a powerful system to do this work.

Let me speak to Danny and get back to you here. Due to the security nature of this issue, I am willing to spend this month focusing on GNOME/wip-desktop.


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