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Re: GNOME 3.34 in GNU Guix and security

From: Guillaume Le Vaillant
Subject: Re: GNOME 3.34 in GNU Guix and security
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 10:13:48 +0100
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Danny Milosavljevic <> skribis:

> Hello,
> core-updates is still in a pretty bad state.
> [...]
> A short summary of what is at least broken:
> [...]
> (2) Source files have been in-place replaced upstream with a lot of packages 
> (see my bug report about the topic).  fldigi has such a problem but can just 
> be updated.  This is easy to see by just building without substitutes--and it 
> doesn't do anyone any good for me to file individual bug reports for each and 
> every one of those
> [...]

Concerning the disappearing source tarballs of older fldigi versions on
the official website, it has been fixed on master
(65e9f13116edc58836cdbd1da60bfb81a3d58c82), but core-updates hasn't
merged that in yet.

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