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Fedora/Debian release monitoring inspiration for Guix Data Service

From: Léo Le Bouter
Subject: Fedora/Debian release monitoring inspiration for Guix Data Service
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 11:57:20 +0100
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It seems Fedora has automated infrastructure and feeds to monitor new
upstream releases so that maintainers can get notifications on them.

Functional feed:

I could not find the actual data it is based on for release monitoring
(like Debian watch files).

I could not find a similar feed for Debian's watch/uscan but it would
be nice if they provided some sort of RSS feed (global or scoped to
packages or sets of packages).

I am thinking we should really get something like this with the Guix
Data Service, start including something similar to Debian uscan/watch
rules in every package so we can get reliable (in majority of cases)
update notifications.

We could also have some feature that gives you a feed for a manifest or
operating-system definition so that people can prioritize work on what
they care about easily.

I would really love to have some RSS feed for new upstream releases
from Guix Data Service based on my operating-system definition I would
upload there.

We could even go as far as preparing a patch (similar to guix refresh
-u <pkg> && etc/committer.scm) and trying to build it and all it's
dependents and if it doesnt cause any new failures we could send an
automated patch contribution on guix-patches directly and tag it with
"ci-update-ok" or something so a maintainer just has to double-check
quickly and push (very efficient workflow). 


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