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Re: Why [bug#47081] Remove mongodb?

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Why [bug#47081] Remove mongodb?
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2021 17:14:51 +0100
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Hi Léo,

Léo Le Bouter <> skribis:

>> Removing a package and its services is not something to do lightly:
>> it
>> breaks user configs with no recourse.
>> We must insist on getting more opinions on such matters, and I think
>> there just wasn’t enough feedback here.  I understand it can be
>> frustrating to wait for input, but in such a case, please do.  This
>> project has always strove for consensus.
>> Remember that the opinion of those who’ve been taking care of
>> security
>> issues in Guix for years, those who’ve been maintaining MongoDB,
>> those
>> who wrote the service and its tests, are invaluable; they must have a
>> say.  I insist: humbly solicit and wait for their feedback.
> I understand, and I did not think it was a light thing to do, no one
> mentionned anything we should do for the remove, so I actually do not
> know how we handle that but the security/non-free code thing put some
> urge into the situation, apologizes for moving on and pushing without
> waiting for more feedback, few people gave their feedback on IRC and by
> email and that's why I felt more confident doing the actual change.

Sure, now you know.  :-) For package removal, we have to wait for
feedback, pinging people if needed, and waiting longer than
usual—security pressure or not.  Removing a package can only happen if
there’s some consensus.

Thanks for your reply!


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