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Re: GNOME 40

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Re: GNOME 40
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 08:38:00 +0100
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Mark H Weaver <> writes:

> Léo Le Bouter <> writes:
>> If anyone is curious of the work or wants to participate, we are
>> working there:
>> The branch is based on core-updates and we will rebase it every now and
>> then, as well as merging patches to official core-updates as we feel it
>> is necessary.
>> cbaines gave us access to the git repo, it's not official so it's more
>> flexible,
> How is it more flexible than a "wip-*" branch on Savannah?

I wouldn't use quite the same words as Léo, but from my perspective,
controlling access to particular branches (master, staging,
core-updates, ...) on Savannah is a good thing, as it reduces risk. I
don't think that's relevant for all branches though, it would be better
if more people could collaborate through wip-* branches (if that's
useful to them).

As Savannah doesn't allow for access control per branch (or even per
project repository), currently to give someone access to anything, you
have to give them access to everything. Maybe that's possible to
improve, but using some other Git repository hosted elsewhere is one

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