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Re: GNOME 40 work should be done on Savannah

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: GNOME 40 work should be done on Savannah
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 14:12:44 +0200
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Hi Léo,

Léo Le Bouter <> skribis:

> I don't feel like people should be barred to contribute to that GNOME
> 40 upgrade because they arent an approved committer. That doesnt feel
> inclusive to me.

I respectfully think you misunderstand the review process.  Review is
about sharing responsibilities and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

It’s crucial from many different perspectives: security-wise, socially
(the process is transparent, everyone gets a chance to chime in or to
just see what’s cooking), and technically (we all learn and build better
software, and we reduce the risk that users receive broken software on
their next ‘guix pull’).

The process to get commit access is documented and it revolves around
two criteria: the person must have experience with the project and must
know the rules.

That’s not “bureaucracy”: it’s about building a community around mutual
understanding of what each one of us may or may not expect from their

All that said, it’s of course fine to collaborate on external
repositories, even though I agree with Mark that getting “closer” to
Guix folks may be profitable to everyone.  In the end, work should be
submitted for review, and for a patch set like this, it’ll probably be a
‘wip-’ branch on Savannah.


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