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Re: Outreachy - Guix Data Service: questions about improving the data fo

From: Luciana Lima Brito
Subject: Re: Outreachy - Guix Data Service: questions about improving the data for derivation comparisons.
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2021 19:11:03 +0000

On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 09:15:37 +0100
Christopher Baines <> wrote:

> So, one advantage of alists over lists is that the code is probably
> less brittle when adding elements say, since code parsing the list
> will probably break with a new element, but this is probably less
> likely to happen with an alist.
> However, this will happen with an alist if match is used to pick
> elements out. I'd suggest using assq-ref or similar to pluck elements
> out.

Ok, I changed that on the html.scm.
> I'd consider these options first probably:
>  - Could the data coming from derivation-differences-data have vectors
>    where appropriate already? The HTML code would probably need to be
>    adjusted, but I think that's fine.

I tried this for days but with no success. Maybe the only way would be
to tweak group-to-alist, but it touches many places, and I didn't want
to mess with it.

>  - Could this be written in a form like:
>    ,@(map (lambda (name)
>            ...)
>           '(outputs inputs sources arguments))

This only make sense to me inside render-json (because of the ,@), but I
think the code would be less clean and "arguments" would appear in a
different order. What I did was bind the result of a function similar
to this in the let. 

Well, this way made things much shorter. I'm sending a new patch for
you to review.

Best Regards,

Luciana Lima Brito
MSc. in Computer Science

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