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Re: Substitutes from

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Substitutes from
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2021 18:28:35 -0400
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Christopher Baines <> writes:

> Hey,
> While I've been working on the software side of building things for
> substitutes through the Guix Build Coordinator for over a year now [1],
> I've only been personally pushing to bring the benefits to Guix users by
> default for the last few weeks [2].
> 1:
> 2:
> The strategy that currently seems most feasible is to add an additional
> default source of substitutes:
> I think things are pretty much ready, you can find some information at
> . If you're up for trying out fetching
> substitutes from, now is a good time to do so, and
> please report back in terms of how it's working out for you.

For those of you like me, who have trouble setting up the signing key,
here is a snippet that you can use to set up substitutes from

#BEGIN_SRC scheme
(define %my-desktop-services
     config =>
      (inherit config)
       (append (list "";)
  (curve Ed25519)
  (q #7D602902D3A2DBB83F8A0FB98602A754C5493B0B778C8D1DD4E0F41DE14DE34F#)

    (services (append (list (service dhcp-client-service-type)
                            (service openssh-service-type
                                      (openssh openssh-sans-x)
                                      (port-number 2222))))


P.S.  Thanks to Christopher for helping me set this up in irc!

Joshua Branson (joshuaBPMan in #guix)
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  "You can have whatever you want, as long as you help
enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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