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Re: Early feedback on Guix Home

From: Andrew Tropin
Subject: Re: Early feedback on Guix Home
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 10:17:39 +0300

Joshua Branson <> writes:

> Andrew Tropin <> writes:
>> writes:
>>> $ guix pull
>>> I suppose for now I will use Ludo's suggestion:
>>>   git clone
>>>   guix git authenticate \
>>>     "257cebd587b66e4d865b3537a9a88cccd7107c95" \
>>>     "2841 9AC6 5038 7440 C7E9  2FFA 2208 D209 58C1 DEB0" \
>>>     -k origin/keyring
>>>   ./pre-inst-env guix home reconfigure /path/to/home-config.scm
>>> Failed to execute process './pre-inst-env'. Reason:
>>> exec: Exec format error
>>> The file './pre-inst-env' is marked as an executable but could not be run 
>>> by the operating system.
>> It should work if you have a POSIX-compatible shell, but I also added
>> shebang to be sure that /bin/sh used.  Do git pull inside repository dir
>> and try again.  `./pre-inst-env guix home --help`
>> Let me know if it still fails.
> Totally works now.  I was using the fish shell...and I don't believe
> the fish shell is a POSIX compatible shell.  :) Works fine in bash.
> Also thanks for the tips in my initial config!
> And I really like the home-keyboard-service-type,
> home-files-service-type, and home-state-service-type!

I do care about multi-input-method setups, so it is one of the earliest
home services, also in rde features I provide emacs-input-method
feature, which I find quite useful too:

> I've got a lot of
> git repos.  It takes me forever to clone those.  Do you know if
> home-state-service type will help me to automate something like
> Git repo "programming" goes here:  /home/joshua/prog/
> and git repo "cheatsheets" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/cheatsheets/
> and git repo "guix-config" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/gnu/guix/guix-config/
> and git repo "guix-src" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/gnu/guix/guix-src/
> and git repo "guile" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/guile/
> and git repr "" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/guile/

Yes, home-state-service perfectly covers this use case, however I do not
recommend to use it, because probably I'll refactor it quite hard sooner
or later.  For now you can consider it to be in alpha state.  Usage
example is here:

> I don't that you are curious, but if you are my git repos are on

Probably I need to add Guix Home configs collection section to rde repo
README to make it easier for people to explore other's configurations)

> Thanks!  And thanks so much for working on this!  And thanks to Ludo for
> testing it!
> --
> Joshua Branson (joshuaBPMan in #guix)
> Sent from Emacs and Gnus
>   "You can have whatever you want, as long as you help
> enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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