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Re: Early feedback on Guix Home

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Early feedback on Guix Home
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:13:59 -0400
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Andrew Tropin <> writes:

> writes:
>> $ guix pull
>> I suppose for now I will use Ludo's suggestion:
>>   git clone
>>   guix git authenticate \
>>     "257cebd587b66e4d865b3537a9a88cccd7107c95" \
>>     "2841 9AC6 5038 7440 C7E9  2FFA 2208 D209 58C1 DEB0" \
>>     -k origin/keyring
>>   ./pre-inst-env guix home reconfigure /path/to/home-config.scm
>> Failed to execute process './pre-inst-env'. Reason:
>> exec: Exec format error
>> The file './pre-inst-env' is marked as an executable but could not be run by 
>> the operating system.
> It should work if you have a POSIX-compatible shell, but I also added
> shebang to be sure that /bin/sh used.  Do git pull inside repository dir
> and try again.  `./pre-inst-env guix home --help`
> Let me know if it still fails.

Totally works now.  I was using the fish shell...and I don't believe
the fish shell is a POSIX compatible shell.  :) Works fine in bash.

Also thanks for the tips in my initial config!

And I really like the home-keyboard-service-type,
home-files-service-type, and home-state-service-type!  I've got a lot of
git repos.  It takes me forever to clone those.  Do you know if
home-state-service type will help me to automate something like

Git repo "programming" goes here:  /home/joshua/prog/

and git repo "cheatsheets" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/cheatsheets/

and git repo "guix-config" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/gnu/guix/guix-config/

and git repo "guix-src" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/gnu/guix/guix-src/

and git repo "guile" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/guile/

and git repr "" goes here: /home/joshua/prog/guile/

I don't that you are curious, but if you are my git repos are on

Thanks!  And thanks so much for working on this!  And thanks to Ludo for
testing it!

Joshua Branson (joshuaBPMan in #guix)
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  "You can have whatever you want, as long as you help
enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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