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Re: Audacity has new administration

From: Leo Prikler
Subject: Re: Audacity has new administration
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 15:26:47 +0200
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Hello Giovanni,

overall you make a great summary, there's just some points I wish to
add as I'm also following the drama around audacity.

Am Montag, den 12.07.2021, 10:37 +0200 schrieb Giovanni Biscuolo:
> Can I say that's not a Guix problem? :-)
> AFAIU The Muse Group intentions are that Audacity it's going to be
> GPLv3+, that's even better than GPLv2... good luck Muse Group!
W.r.t. licensing there are some concerns raised about a CLA, that would
enable the Muse Group to reuse all the code (whether GPLv2+ or GPLv3+)
under any license of their choosing, including making it proprietary. 
Perhaps that's not their intent, but it's bad optics either way.

> > * A new privacy policy
> That's relevant only for people using telemetry (off by default);
> privacy policies are not covered by FSDG: am I wrong?
> [...]
The privacy policy could potentially violate some of the software
freedoms (particularly freedom 0), but it's unclear whether it would
apply to the telemetry-free Guix builds, since the issue here is
compliance between the telemetry and the GDPR.

> [...]
> # Audacity Forks
> [...]
> > It is probably to early to tell which if any of the Audacity forks
> > are
> > going to be maintained over an extended period of time.
> > 
> > # Guix and Audacity
> [...]
> > Before the next update of the version of Audacity that Guix
> > packages
> > it would probably be a good idea to reassess the situation with
> > Muse
> > Group's Audacity and the Audacity forks.
Please bear in mind, that this is not a mutual exclusion.  We can
package Audacity up to 3.0.2 without problems and perhaps also later
versions with telemetry disabled (assuming everything else about this
hypothetical 3.0.3 is fine).  We can also package forks like tenacity
next to it, similar to how we have both glimpse and GIMP.


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