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Re: Audacity has new administration

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Re: Audacity has new administration
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:20:24 -0400

Giovanni Biscuolo writes:
>> * A new privacy policy
> That's relevant only for people using telemetry (off by default); AFAIU
> privacy policies are not covered by FSDG: am I wrong?

Muse Group's new privacy policy for Audacity has added telemetry on by
default.  For more details see:

> I'm not following discussions on GitHub on telemetry but AFAIU the
> situation has not changed since we had the above mentioned discussions:
> am I wrong?

When telemetry in Audacity was discussed previously here
Muse Group's telemetry policy for Audacity was that the telemetry be off
by default.  However Muse Group's new privacy policy introduces on by
default telemetry.

For more details see:

> In general, we can take as granted that if we find a package in Guix
> with telemetry enabled by default we can consider it a bug a file a
> proper bug report so it can be fixed if possible or the package removed
> if not.

Guix's current package of Audacity does not have telemetry on by

Muse Group is aware of the issue of telemetry on by default and it
appears that they are going to proceed with telemetry on by default in
future versions of Audacity.

>> # Guix and Audacity
>> Before the next update of the version of Audacity that Guix packages
>> it would probably be a good idea to reassess the situation with Muse
>> Group's Audacity and the Audacity forks.
> I think the situation it's already clear enough to agree there is no
> issue with the introduction of optional telemetry in Aucacity in
> particular

Muse Group's new privacy policy for Audacity has added telemetry on by
default and an age restriction that contradicts freedom 0 and Audacity's
GPL version 2 license.  For more details see:

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